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Yes YOU Can, YOU are worth it!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

When we started this latest journey... we didn’t think we would succeed. We thought “here we go again”. We’ve tried so many diets and so many things to lose weight that this will never work again... but it did.

Our lesson had been to never give up and that the scale is NOT what defines our success. We try to share this newfound realization, our tips, our recipes to all of you because we know how it is to feel lost, to feel useless... to feel like the end of the road is sooo far when you have 100+ pounds to go (or ANY amount).

Today you might be second guessing yourself.. am I worth it? Can I do this? And the answer is YES YOU CAN! Keep trying, stop aiming for perfection. Try your best every day and surround yourself with a network of people that will encourage you to succeed.

We continue to share our story because we want YOU to believe you can do it and that anything is possible... if Jean-Luc and Nick did it after 20+ years of being obese... you can do it.

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