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About Us

Hello! We are Jean-Luc Pharand and Nicolas Tremblay and this is our journey!

By embracing healthy eating and regular exercise we were able to embrace both our mental and physical health and lose weight in the process.

Jean-Luc's Story...

I don’t remember the moment I became ‘overweight’ nor do I remember a time where I could say I wasn’t overweight in my life. Regular exercise, nor the gym were never part of my daily activities, and in school I would try to participate but ended up often being benched.


I gave up.


I gave up trying to include fitness in my life and never looked back! In my teens I could see I wasn’t like everyone else; I had a belly and didn’t fit in with the jocks, I figured I would be a bigger guy for the rest of my life. 

When I turned 18 I decided that I needed to make a change and lose weight. I decided to join a weight loss program and really get serious. For awhile it was working, I would lose some weight, but it would come back and in the end I ended up quitting before I achieved any noticeable weight loss. My weight has always been a struggle, even after coming out and trying to start a new path into getting into shape, it never worked.

Nicolas' Story...

I have been obese my entire life. From childhood, I was teased and ridiculed about my weight, and I didn’t see any hope in changing due to genetics.  Both sides of my family had obesity and weight-related issues, and I dreamt every day of being thin and ‘pretty’. The self-loathing continued into my adulthood and after coming out and accepting myself for who I am, I began my journey to lose weight. During my last year of University, I weighed over 300lbs. I worked hard on improving my eating habits and going to the gym for the first time. I succeeded on this new path and lost over 75lbs, but this success was short-lived due to an interruption in my routine once completing my degree and shifting to full-time employment.


Our Story

Back in 2008, our story began with a common struggle – the burden of excess weight. We both believed that our weight issues were deeply rooted in genetics, leading us down a path of trying every diet imaginable. However, despite our best efforts, the numbers on the scale remained stubborn, and consistency in our workout routines proved elusive.

The turning point came in 2018 when, against all odds, we successfully shed over 100 pounds each. Yet, the victory wasn't just in the numbers. We realized that an obsession with the scale, while driving our initial transformation, was not a sustainable or healthy approach to self-improvement.

Fast forward to 2024, and we've evolved into a dynamic duo dedicated to being the best versions of ourselves. The focus has shifted from the scale to holistic well-being. Our journey is no longer solely about weight loss but encompasses a commitment to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Today, we find joy in our shared experiences, whether creating inspiring videos, leading step classes, or embarking on adventures around the world. The essence of our message is simple yet profound: prioritizing self-love and making choices that contribute to a long and happy life.

In 2024, our mission is clear – to inspire others to embrace their journey, irrespective of the numbers on the scale. Our story is a testament to the transformative power of love, perseverance, and a holistic approach to well-being. Through our positive energy, we aim to empower others to love themselves and make choices that lead to a life filled with joy, health, and longevity.

Jean-Luc and Nick
Jean-Luc and Nick
Jean-Luc and Nick
Jean-Luc and Nick
Jean-Luc and Nick
Jean-Luc and Nick
Jean-Luc and Nick
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