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Blog Post: Why We Share Our Weigh Ins?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Long post warning… we get many comments every week on our weigh-in videos and we thought we should dive into some of them this week…

Why do we share our weigh-ins?

When we were in the beginning years of our journey, we never saw someone’s else’s true journey… most of us share mostly the positives and the successes we have, which is amazing, but for us, it led to a belief that only *we* struggled. When we started our YouTube channel in 2018, we wanted to show the good, the bad and the ugly of what a change in lifestyle could be… this why we started sharing our weigh-ins. We want to show you what we are doing and be honest about our journey… our success but also our struggles too. It’s also a way for us to be accountable to all of you and we use you as our support system every week. It’s also a lot of fun for us!

When do you weigh in?

We weigh in every Saturday between 1PM and 2PM LIVE on camera in our Facebook group (they get to see our mess ups and we also chat about our week and our thought for how our week went). If you want to catch our next weigh in LIVE, join our Facebook group here 👉 (look for Wellness Warrior VIPeeps)

What has sharing done for us?

There have been both positives and negatives from sharing.

In terms of negatives, we’ve been attacked because of how we choose to live our journey (yes, people get mad at us for losing weight like Nick’s weight loss this week) and we’ve been judged because of what we do. Someone even once told us we should be ashamed as WW Ambassadors that we promote “gaining weight” like we do. It’s sometimes hard to want to continue to do it but we continue to share because we feel showing our true journey is a benefit and we ignore and block those who don’t support our efforts to share everything. This is our journey, we can choose to live it as we please.

A huge benefit for us has been that it’s kept us on track. Even though we gain some weeks and lose others, having you all share in our weigh ins makes it realistic and also helped us lose our focus on the scale. If you struggle with the scale and accountability, why not start recording your own weigh ins with us 🙂.

How come the scale never affects you?

We have had a torrid relationship with the scale. For the first 6 years of our journey (and to be honest the first year this time around) we were OBSESSED with the scale. Our mood, our success, our journey was all tied to the metal box. When COVID hit, we had gained 20lbs from our goal weights and we realized that the scale would always direct how our weeks went. If we lost weight, we felt great but when we gained, it would destroy us and it would lead to bouts of self-indulgence. We made the decision when starting to film our weigh-ins to lose the focus on the scale. We decided that every week we would step on it and no matter the outcome, we look at the positives of that week and we also remember that the weight we are at that moment in time is just a blip in our overall journey. This has led to where we are today. We no longer care what the scale says, we use it as data, just like our tracker. If we notice that things are trending in an upward trajectory (key word: trending i.e. how have we been doing the past few months) we get right back to basics and work hard to live the 80% of our 80/20 lifestyle (more on this below).

How come you both don't lose and gain the same way? I thought you did everything together?

We do EVERYTHING together and we do the same activity and most of our food is identical. Yet our weight gains and losses differ... this is normal. There is no direct link to what you eat and what activity you do and the scale. Each of us are different, look at your own families. If your own family doesn't gain/lose weight the same weight, how do you expect yourself to lose/gain like everyone else? Our bodies act differently based on the food intake we have and this is no different for the two of us. We never lose/gain the same way and when we used to compare ourselves, this used to cause a lot of negative self-doubt within each of us. This is why we have STOPPED comparing our weights. We are two different people, built differently and we cannot expect that both of our bodies will react in the same manner. You should not expect the same in your own journey as well.

How did Nick lose NINE POUNDS this week?

Our journey is an 80/20 lifestyle. We made the decision long ago that we can’t be perfect in our journey and so we allow ourselves some leeway to live our 20% when we want to. This weigh-in is one of a series of weigh-ins in the past few weeks so to explain the 9lb loss, we need to go back 4 weeks ago.

May 22: JL(177.9) Nick(170.6)

May 28th (Nick's Birthday)

May 29: JL(181) Nick(177.3)

June 5: JL(182.3) Nick(175)

Vacation Week!

June 12: JL(184.3) Nick(183.2)

June 19: JL(183.2) Nick(174.2)

As you can see, on May 22nd, we were both at our lowest weight. On May 28th, Nick's birthday caused a weight gain of 7lbs. The following week, we refocused and the weight came down... the following week, we were on vacation and Nick gained 8lbs followed by this week with a loss of 9lbs. The weekly numbers are big and daunting, but if you average it out, from May 22nd, Nick only gained 3.6lbs. Why is this analysis important? Back in the day, the May 29th weigh-in would've destroyed us... we would've used this weight as an excuse to eat what we want. Now that we no longer use the number on the scale to dictate our journey, we refocus each and every day. What this has done is some weeks we gain, some we lose, but overall, the trend is inline with the choices we have made. Make sure you always analyze your weight and never dwell on the number at that ONE moment in time.

What workshop do you coach? Can I attend your meetings?

We are not WW coaches, we are just two members who do this on their spare time (we both have full time jobs outside of our social media world). We are currently taking a break from visiting Virtual Workshops (except our own workshop, of course) but we host a LIVE Beachside chat on Zoom every Sunday at 7PM ET (EVERY WEEK, we've been doing every Sunday for over a year so we're always there). Why not come join us this week?

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Thank you for sharing. I admire how you do your weigh ins publicly, Keep doing what works for you 👍🏻👍🏻 PS love the songs, lots of fun!

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