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Jean-Luc and Nick - Special Guest

We want to thank you for joining us as a special guest.  This form will help us gather the information we need to schedule your session with us.

Please be as detailed as possible so we can ensure to have all the necessary information we need.

We would like to encourage you to join the Jean-Luc and Nick Facebook group.  This will allow you to have access and to interact with our members.   You can use this opportunity to share your own social media presence or business you own or any products that you would like to sell.

Join here:

In exchange for your participation, you will be asked to share the materials we provide on your own social accounts to indicate that you are participating as a guest speaker and we would also request that you let your followers know and welcome them to join as well. We also require you to become a member of our website by creating yourself an account at

Your session will be recorded and made available on YouTube.

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