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WW Gays LIVE September 6th, This weeks word... “Points”

Original Air Date: September 6th 2020

Jean-Luc and Nick will be LIVE Sunday September 6th @ 7 PM EST. The word of the week is: Points. September is the new January! All week we will be revisiting some key back to basics topics as we all reset for September! We chose one of the most basic WW Topics, Points! How do we use our points? What are some of our point tips? Join us to find out more! Watch us LIVE on YouTube and Facebook or join on Zoom! Can’t watch us live? No worries catch the replay on YouTube afterwards.

Join Zoom Meeting (Starting at 6PM ET)

Meeting ID: 266 598 3468

Passcode: jlnick

Live Feeds (Starting at 7PM ET)

Watch on Facebook:

Watch on YouTube:

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