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Spice it Up with Sandra: Would you rather....

Updated: May 3, 2022

Have you played this game before...would you rather? The game where you have to choose an option of what you would rather do, or have. In this life we have a gazillion options everyday. Opportunity of choices. Some are habitual, routine, and some are spontaneous. One's preference of a particular matter. Sounds fun right?

That is pretty much summing up our everyday lives. We would rather play not work. We would rather eat carbs not remove them. We would rather laugh than cry. We would rather have fun than be bored. So many scenarios. As I embarked on my personal development journey over 10 years ago, prior to this journey I had been playing this would you rather game in my mind daily. I was in a negative head space. I was in a funk. I was a constant complainer. I had lost who I was and my outlook was narrow minded. I came to realize there would always be a would you rather scenario .... however living in the moment with gratitude and with joy is all we really need. Right now.

Now I live in the moment each and everyday with purpose and joy. And I preach it! Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how we react. Whoa,,,that was a statement that stuck with me. I had wasted so much energy and time reacting and worrying about the wrong things. This revelation was life changing. It opened up my eyes to endless possibilities and to snap out of a negative mindset and turn it into a positive immediately.

Every single day we have a new opportunity to choose how we want to live , how we want to think. It's a choice 100 % of the time. The biggest relationship we will ever have is with yourself. Having self acceptance and knowing that we can pivot when we need too is key.

Rather than complaining- Be in appreciation.

Rather than being in admiration of other's- Be in self acceptance.

Rather than being self conscious - Be proud

Rather than surround yourself with negativity - Find the positive outlook

Rather than live in self pity- Create the changes

Rather than look at the downfalls - Celebrate the Wins

Live , laugh love your best life!


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