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Spice it Up with Sandra: When your body comes crashing down UNEXPECTEDLY

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Recently I experienced an anxiety attack out of the blue. That is usually how it happens.

What we don’t realize is how our nervous system and the emotions we are processing and internalizing may not have shown up in the moment but have been triggered. Then it shows up out of the blue in an anxiety attack.

I have experienced anxiety attacks before but just not for quite some time. And this really caught me off guard, as I was driving, I pulled over. Called my husband and son to walk me through it in calmness. So much build can creep up on us and then we crack without even realizing how much we hold within. This was an eye opener for me, that I had neglected myself. At times we are so focused on getting tasks done, doing for others and yet we forget we are human and our bodies absorb like sponge and then we collapse.

Perhaps you can relate. This is happening to more and more people. Very common is what I realized as I shared it as a facebook post and so many commented relating to me. It brought this awareness that we are definitely seeing the effects of change in the world and how we have been suppressed with overwhelming emotions due to this pandemic and feeling isolated. That when we now begin to open up again and we step into the public again ….some of us are feeling a little stressed and uncomfortable. So many feelings all at once equals overwhelm!

This is ok. And for some of us it will take time. It goes the same for our youth who may be facing these same challenges. It’s recognizing the triggers and tuning into our bodies.

Our bodies know

Our bodies share the signs

Our bodies react

Our bodies deserve more attention than we are giving it

I encourage you to take an assessment of how you are feeling emotionally and physically from time to time. And take time for self awareness, meditation, self-care practices. I usually do a mid-week check-in with myself. It's what I call Wellness Wednesday where I connect with myself to see if I am ok. I guess I had forgotten that this past week!

I had let go of my simple meditation daily practice and that definitely caught up with me and my body had a way of telling me to ……SLOW DOWN and breathe. I think I was most surprised how my body knew to be triggered and show up with anxiety.

Can anxiety be healed completely? I don’t have all the answers to that. However, I believe taking a look at your stress levels and releasing emotions is a key factor in releasing. Have a friend to connect with and talk to helps. Taking a look at gut health does help as your gut is your second brain that sends messages of anxiety to the brain if the gut is in distress. So keep a clean diet and perhaps easy on caffeinated drinks. A little meditation, yoga, deep breathing or journaling and walking in nature can always be a calming experience to the nervous system!

If you are feeling anxious and need someone to speak to. There is always someone you can call and connect with. Know that you are not alone and the only one experiencing this. The more we share the more we can become aware of the signs and the more we can learn from each other. I always say our lives are a journey and we are always evolving.

It’s time to take good care of you!



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