Want a Visit From Us?

We’ve been hinting at it and yes WE ARE GOING BACK ON TOUR! This time we are doing it differently. We want you to tell us “Why” you want us to visit! No locations/areas are off limit as we will be doing virtually and in-person! Interested? See all the details below!!

How to enter:

1. Create a video, picture, poem, story, letter or anything to show us “why” you would like us to visit. This can be done as a group or as individuals. You can send multiple entries from the same location as well.

2. Send your creation to our email ww.gays@gmail.com (for videos, send us a link) and include your workshop location, name, time and day of your workshop and your WW Leader name.


Post your creation on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WW Connect [Canada Only]) and tag us and include #wwgaystour

The more we hear from a workshop location and the more extravagant your entry, the more likely we will visit. So get creative and share! We would love to meet all of you! #wwgays

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