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Sundays with Jean-Luc and Nick featuring Michelle

Original Air Date: February 20th 2022

Join us for our next Sunday chat with special guest Michelle! WW member and one of our regular attendees on Sunday nights. Michelle will share what made her decide to take her health into her own hands and share some of her tips on how she manged to lose so much weight. Come check it out!

Jean-Luc and Nick will be LIVE Sunday February 20th @ 7 PM ET. Each week we will sit down and chat about the topic YOU want and also take some of your questions LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Zoom! Can’t watch us live? No worries catch the replay on YouTube afterwards.

Join Zoom Meeting (Starting at 6:30 PM ET)

Meeting ID: 266 598 3468

Passcode: jlnick

Live Feeds (Starting at 7 PM ET)

Watch on YouTube:

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