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Spice it Up With Sandra: The Truth About Self Limiting Beliefs and How We Can Overcome Them

When an opportunity arises and we begin to allow self doubt to hinder our minds, it feels familiar and comfortable to say “no I couldn’t.”

That my friends is Self Limiting Beliefs. What does this mean exactly? Allow me to explain. I learned later on in life how the subconscious mind holds our old belief systems and patterns that are familiar to us from a very young age. We took many beliefs from our parents and from those who were most influential in our lives. Once these beliefs were stored they were forgotten and yet embedded in our unconscious minds. So when we are exposed to something unfamiliar, something that is not comfortable we believe the self limiting beliefs and often more than not it’s what holds us back.

About three years ago I learned how to reprogram my subconscious mind through personal development and using affirming statements daily to trick my brain into believing new beliefs and using some NLP practises. I began to believe I was better than who I felt I was. It became easier and easier the more I focused on doing the inner work and affirmations daily.

I had an interesting opportunity arise. I have always been a lover of fashion, in fact I studied fashion design and I am a seamstress by trade. I worked in the fashion industry until I got married and began having a family. I was a body positive advocate and like I mentioned before I had battled my weight up and down all my life. I used to be hard on myself and I began to surrender and let go of the constant stress of the number on the scale. And as I was reprogramming the subconscious mind I became way more comfortable with my body and I learned to have self acceptance and self love no matter what size I am. I simply took the pressure off! I fueled my mind with body positivity. I began to see this influence through the DOVE campaigns and women on Instagram showcasing their beautiful curvy bodies. I saw a new movement for curvy women. It made me feel so much better. I was proud to be curvy!

One day an opportunity came up, a friend of mine in the fashion industry mentioned Toronto Fashion Academy was seeking curvy women to strut the runway at the All About Women’s Show in downtown Toronto. My first thought was I would like to be a curvy model. Then I thought, and allowed a limiting belief as I recall my tall, beautiful cousin who was a model when we were teenagers, was perfect slim model material. I couldn’t live up to that. Then I thought about another limiting belief: Who am I to think I can do this! I have no experience. Then I thought NO I can do this. What the heck? I am going to audition. I am who I am and if this is meant to be it will happen for me. So I decided I would audition and believe in myself.

Well that was a brave move. I filled out the online application, before I could change my mind I hit send. I got a call to be at the audition downtown, I had 5 days to prepare. My son helped me practice my cat walk. Up and down the kitchen hallway in heels. I felt nervous . I almost backed out!! No doubt I was soooo nervous. However I just kept doing my affirmations , I empowered my mind to just say go for it. I no longer wanted to hold back because what if I could do this. I could be setting an example for women to persevere and believe in themselves and I was doing this for me to prove to myself I can do something I dream of. No limits!

I got the call back! To be at a dress rehearsal to be taught how to walk the runway properly , to do the fittings. Holy Crap this was real and I WAS SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF MYSELF. Do you even know what this did for my confidence>? It propelled it even more. And so many opportunities were open to me after this because my vibrations and mindset had altered in a positive manner. I no longer felt doubt of how my body looked again. This fueled me to keep going! So I showed up , I strutted my stuff with such confidence. Honestly I gave it my all and I don’t know where it came from.

I don’t share this story to brag, I share this story to inspire you to not hold yourself back from possibilities in life. Your desires, your dreams. If I can do something like this, so can you!

The show was a success. I wore three outfits on the runway, Toronto designers. It was definitely a milestone for someone who had limiting beliefs in herself. However I learned that we can alter the old belief systems to move ourselves forward to live a life we design with greatness! You can too.


Sandra Dido

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