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Rosie's Journey of Mind Spirit and Body: Recipe for Surviving the Holidays

Recipe for surviving the holidays


A huge chunk of Understanding

This is an emotional time for everyone. We usually do so many things that we often over-extend ourselves and get overtired. Those with anxiety are at an all-time high. With the arrival of COVID, even though things changed, the nature of our anxiety changed. Using Understanding to realize that in “normal times,” while wonderful, many people find it difficult to survive. Understand that last year, and now things are super hard for all of us this year.

A heaping cup of Compassion

With Understanding comes Compassion. These two ingredients work in tandem with one another. Remember that we are all going through things right now. Many of us can’t or aren’t ready to share their story or issues. They shouldn’t have to. It’s not their job to explain to you how they are feeling. Our job is to show Compassion in the season that causes everyone that extra bit of stress and anxiety. Don’t forget to show yourself some compassion as well. You are human and worthy of a bit of Compassion.

An acre (or two) of Acceptance

We are too hard on ourselves and others, especially during the holiday season. Learning to accept that things are stressful and unusual is an integral part of our mental health. We accept situations in other times of our lives, and we should be able to do it now with the knowledge that we are in high-stress mode. Remember that you are worth it. But accepting those positive comments coming your way and blocking out the negative is difficult. You don’t have to accept those things that don’t help you with your journey.

A large bag of Joy

I’m a firm believer that you need to do things that bring you joy. If you aren’t happy and feeling it, others around you won’t feel that way either. So how do we find joy? Spending time being grateful for what you have and not what you are missing is the place to start. I haven’t seen my niece and nephew in 2 years, and it’s hard. But knowing that I will see them again at some point in the not-so-distant future fills me with joy.

A sprinkle of Love to taste

Life is too short, and we all have worked too hard not to love life. The essential Love you can show is Love for yourself. It’s not selfish of you. Because often, those who love us want us to love ourselves as much as they do. Self-love is the greatest gift you can give yourself this season.

A whack tonne of Laughter/Ridiculousness

I would be remiss, not to mention this often forgotten pair of ingredients. Laughter is the best medicine, they say. For me, laughter has helped me through many stressful moments. Laughter’s partner in crime for me is ridiculousness. Dancing like a fool to music, bad jokes, and just being myself (I do find that I am a bit ridiculous) leads to laughter. Laughter and ridiculousness lead to joy, Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Understanding.

Mix the ingredients until evenly combined.

Breathe and enjoy the season!

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