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Rosie's Journey of Mind, Spirit and Body: Tomorrow is a New Day

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

"Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it... yet." - Anne of Green Gables.

I was on a walk recently, enjoying the day. It was cool, but the sun was shining brightly. Things were good. I was happy and content at the moment. But instantly, my mind wandered to something from my recent past, and I could feel that mood shift starting.

Pulling yourself out of the negative is such a difficult thing to do. It is so easy to spend time dwelling on all the things that have gone wrong in life. I tend to think about things I said or did for years. But the result is that it can eat away at your soul and your heart. It constantly weighs on you even if you don't know it. As you build on those negatives, it creates pain and inflammation. It's like an unseen wound that changes how you see yourself in the world. It can feed that guilt I was talking about last week.

What works for me is letting go of the negativity. Letting go of those negative thoughts from the past isn't easy, especially when you see those moments as reflections of yourself. I acknowledge that we need to look at our histories, as keeping those memories is essential in guiding you forward. They made you the awesome person you are.

Of course, looking at the past and embracing what it has made you is a good thing. It moulds us into the fantastic beings that we are now in this moment. Make no mistake; you are a remarkable being. Don't ever think you aren't unique and worthy.

What I'm talking about is holding on to those things so you can't move forward. It can take time and effort to figure out what things in our past guide our current and future choices. Holding on to the past can mean that there is no movement forward into a world of possibilities.