Our WW Hacks: Our "GO TO" Dinners

Original Air Date: July 22nd 2020

Our WW Hacks continues, we bring you our GO TO Dinners! Last week we showed you our 5 lunches and this week we show you our dinners. These meals are used quite frequently on our journey and we talk about why we always try to have low-point meals at dinner. Find out all about it on this video. After you've watched, comment below and let us know what are your "GO TO" dinners.

Here are some of the recipes mentioned in this video:

Baked Chicken - https://www.wwgays.com/post/how-we-bake-our-chicken

Baked Quinoa - https://www.wwgays.com/post/oven-baked-quinoa

Instant Pot Quinoa - https://www.wwgays.com/post/instant-pot-quinoa

Caesar Dressing - https://www.wwgays.com/post/caesar-salad-dressing

Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough - https://www.wwgays.com/post/two-ingredient-pizza-dough

Marinara Sauce - https://www.wwgays.com/post/marinara-sauce

Taco Salad - https://www.wwgays.com/post/taco-salad-3-points

Pasta Carbonara - https://www.wwgays.com/post/pasta-carbonara

Chicken Strips - https://www.wwgays.com/post/chicken-nuggets

Quinoa Tots - https://www.wwgays.com/post/quinoa-tots-1-point

Turkey Burger - https://www.wwgays.com/post/turkey-burger

Turkey Burger Wrap - https://www.wwgays.com/post/turkey-burger-wrap

Carrot Poutine - https://www.wwgays.com/post/carrot-poutine

Salsa - https://www.wwgays.com/post/salsa-0-points

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/sEKi1e4-1s8

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