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Mindful Bytes: Failed Attempts

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

“We thought we failed every time we tried. We realize now those were stepping stones needed to achieve our goals.”

So journaling helps my journey. I usually have a few concepts I’m drafting at any given point in time. But when I read this quote from Jean Luc and Nick, it was pencils down on the rest of my thoughts.

I love that motto!!!! Yet another great thought from these two inspirations. I won’t ever stop calling my previous journeys ‘failed attempts’, because I need the accountability more than the positivity, but they’re absolutely not wasted attempts. At all.

What I find so profound in that brilliant tight statement is I don’t know anyone trying to rescue their health that can download a sustainable successful mindset on the first try. As Seinfeld says about break ups: They’re like tipping a Coke machine over. You can’t push it over on the first try. You gotta get it rocking back and forth a bunch of times before it goes. 😆😆😆

Changing habits and behaviours is initially really uncomfortable. It was for me. Some people deal with such guilt and loathing trying to improve their health. My biggest hurdle to overcome was the fact I absolutely love to eat, adore it truly. And while I can experience regret, my binging is completely guiltless. Honestly? I wasn’t interested in changing.

So when the discomfort of obesity finally pushed me to try and improve my health, I still wasn’t interested in tolerating much discomfort. Sure I’d start hardcore and have success, but as soon as life hit tough, that was all I needed to throw in the towel. It’s when I started to accumulate so many failed attempts that the frustration of failure came into focus. The feeling this could never change. And then you just accept it. When I started this leg of my health journey I was really scared for my health, but I was also pretty pissed that the food party was over.

But something clicked, and after literally a thousand attempts to get healthy (every M