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Mindful Bytes: Creating New Normals

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

This one is coming straight from the brilliant mind of my wife Hedy. One of the secret weapons I’ve had on this journey has been the chats I have with Hedy about why this journey is working this time.

Something that has been so effective for us is reframing what we’re actually trying to do when we’re trying to get healthy. If you’ve been reading these posts you know all my previous attempts to get healthy were exclusively focused on “losing weight”, which didn’t result in new habits and didn’t keep weight off.

So a couple months ago Hedy and I are talking in our backyard, discussing what’s been different this time because it’s been sooo much more than just losing weight. And this hit me like a bolt of lightening:

“Bill, we haven’t been just losing weight, we’ve been creating new normals”.


Told you she’s brilliant! Without knowing it, we’ve been setting goals that created new normals for our weekly lives.

My old normal was to think of each week in terms of lbs:.

“Wow, down 2.5 lbs! That’s a good week!” “How much can I lose this week?”

“That sucked. So how much of my gain can I get rid of this week?”