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Mindful Bytes: Activity

More camping and time off over the last couple weeks. Had no idea how beautiful Lake Huron is. Back into the swing of normal life and happy to be writing again.

Activity. Not something I post about a lot but something I get asked about a lot.

Truthfully? Of the 150lbs I’ve lost, almost all of it was lost with no activity (120ish pounds) and the rest was mostly walking with running happening after I hit my goal weight. Activity is a big part of my lifestyle, but not a big factor in my weight loss if that makes sense.

And that’s obviously a massive change compared to the 1,000+ other attempts to get healthy over the last 30+ years.

Activity questions I get are mostly from men when they see my weight loss.

“Dude, what kind of workouts are you doing??”

My weight loss and my activity are almost entirely unrelated. Sure, if I’ve eaten more than I want to I’ll try and get some extra activity in, but that’s mostly out of habit. I’ve worked hard to decouple the mindset that links weight loss and activity.