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Mindful Bytes: A Powerful Why

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Inspired by Jean Luc and Nick’s “why” video they shared on Connect and IG!

The only thing I liked more than the northern Ontario hiking pics were the great tips on finding your “why”.

Of all the stuff I write about, I write about “why” the least. Probably because I think it’s an intensely personal topic. Not from the standpoint of keeping it private, but that it’s so individual and unique that’s it’s hard to pin down usable advice (it’s why I was inspired by their video so much. As good an attempt as I’ve seen). Usually someone’s personal experience can help unlock a door for someone else’s journey but a “why” can be so unique that it can be the subject that’s the least relatable from person to person.

When I started taking my health seriously in September 2018, it was because I had been diagnosed with diabetes and along with hypertension, sleep apnea, and the beginning of mobility issues I felt like my health was failing at 45. I was (and always will be) addicted to indulgent food, and I was lost and scared. The only thing more powerful than my relationship with food was my love for my family. For years my why was always “for my family” when I tried to get healthy, but that was so passive and lacking the intensity necessary to counter my issues with food.

Jean Luc and Nick made a brilliant point at the end of their video. They remind everyone that “you’re worth it”. That’s so well articulated. It’s the right way to make that point. The other way to say it (that I don’t like nearly as much) is “you have to do it for you”. Why’s are so personal