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Hello WW family!

Andrea Before and After

I’m so thrilled that Jean-Luc and Nick have invited me to be a presence on their website.

The WW Gays and I first met just over a year ago at our local Goodlife – I was trying out a high impact cardio class for the first time in years and we spotted each other from across the studio.

We were GBFs at first sight! When you live in a suburban community, you don’t often bump into other LGBTQ2+ people, so when you do, it’s a really exciting thing! Once we discovered that we were also all following the WW program and had been successful, our friendship was set – gay people and WW friends? I’m in!!

Andrea Before and After
Andrea Before and After

But enough about those beautiful men we know and love. A little about me and my own journey, and what I hope I might be able to offer you. I myself have also been someone who has struggled with health goals and my relationship with food for most of my adult life. I first joined WW back in 2003, under the very first Points program. Although I experienced some

success on the plan, I did not become a lifetime member until my second time following the PointsPlus program in 2011. However, like many people, I found myself slipping back into old habits and gained most of the weight back over the next six years. In April of 2017, I returned as lifetime member above goal. There are many reasons for my decision, but I will share my three main ones:

  • I had spent most of the year prior watching my mother struggle with knee and shoulder replacements, diabetes, and other health problems. She is only 22 years older than me, and I knew that my body was not going to forgive me for mistreating it any longer.

  • I was snoring heavily enough that it was affecting my relationship with my wife, and I was looking at either sleeping separately or investing in a snore machine, and finally,

  • I was about to go on three week trip of a lifetime with my adult daughter and my wife to the Mediterranean! All I could think about was how exhausted I would be walking around in 35+ degree heat in July and August, and knew I had to do something to get my health under control if I wanted to enjoy myself.

Andrea Before and After
Andrea Before and After

By the time my Europe trip had rolled around, I had lost 30 pounds and had an amazing time. It was stiflingly hot, but I had the stamina to earn 25,000+ steps a day on the cobblestone streets of Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Malta. Life changing!

It took until June of the following year for me to reach my goal weight. The final number was around 65 pounds, but for various reasons, the number doesn’t matter to me that much.

I’ve been at goal (give or take a few pounds) for 9 months now, but I continue to transform myself, inside and out, physically, emotionally and mentally. I might be 43 years old, but I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. Stay tuned for more details!

Andrea Before and After
Andrea Before and After

The WW Gays have invited me to guest blog on a number of topics. I intend to use this space to talk about Vegetarian lifestyles, Vegetarian/Vegan food and recipes, Gluten Free Living, Fitness, Non-Scale Victories, Self Love, Anxiety and Mental Wellness, Travel, Budgetting, and more!

Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to blog about or any questions you have! You can find me on Connect at drea_luks_good or on Instagram @drea_luks_good

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