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I Want To Break Up With Food

I have been having a really hard time of late with my migraines. It seems to have started with the covid boosters. This of course has led me to go to my crutch of sweets so I have gained back most of the weight I lost. I was up very early in the morning with a particularly bad one the other day and so I decided to write about my relationship with food. I am rather jealous of my husband as he can have a candy bar sitting out on his desk for days and not eat it. He does not have my problem with food. Now I must admit I do not like to cook. It brings me no joy, but eating it. Now that is a whole other story. My love of eating food has become such a crutch and with the fact that I have a bad sweet tooth, I have come to use food to help sooth the pain. I can actually knock back a low grade migraine with a can of Pepsi Zero and a chocolate bar. I think it is the caffeine and sugar combo that does it . But this is a slippery slope as it will lead me to crave more of it and give in and end up going on a junk food bender.

I was taught at an early age that food is both a reward and a punishment. I bet you have hear the sentence "If you don't eat your dinner you cannot have dessert!" This sentence says a lot.

  1. You are being bad for wasting food

  2. It is not okay to not like a food

  3. It is bad if you are full. Again wasting food.

  4. It promotes overeating, enticing you with a dessert

It is no wonder I have an eating problem. I use food as a crutch and have not developed a relationship with it that will nourish me instead of sooth me.

So the fall session of the P3 Experience is about to begin and I am very excited. The experience works on the mind, body and soul of a persons journey. The mind aspect will work on changing my habits promoting a new and better way of thinking about my journey. The body portion will work on developing a better relationship with exercise and movement. The soul portion will work on informing on the best way to fuel my body with food facts and fantastic recipes to get me in the kitchen, excited and wanting to cook.

The experience will basically help me to break up with food and starting a new relationship with fuel.

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