How We Train For The CN Tower Climb

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Original Air Date: March 10th 2019

CN Tower Climb for WWF
CN Tower Climb for WWF

The WW Gays have decided to challenge themselves to improve their time for the CN Tower Climb for World Wildlife Fund.

We want to experience this next climb with all our fans and friends so we have created a team for everyone to enroll. If you are interested in challenging yourself and experiencing a very unique and invigorating event, the CN Tower Climb is an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself and help you get fit!

Here is a video on how we train for the CN Tower:

Here are some details about the climb:

  • there is a $5 registration fee

  • after registration, you need to have raised $120 of donations prior to the climb. You can pay this amount yourself as well if you do not want to ask others to donate.

  • we have chosen Sunday April 14th as our climb date so make sure to select the same date when registering

  • we plan on meeting as a group and starting the climb as a group together. We will then meet up after the climb to celebrate this momentous achievement!

If all of this sounds fun and you would like to challenge yourself then click the link below and join our team! Let’s all get together to help save animals and climb 1776 steps for WWF and our health!

Join Team: Click Here

Join Facebook Event: Click Here

If climbing isn't your thing, you can donate to WWF by sponsoring one of us on the climb!

Donate to Nick: Click Here

Donate to Jean-Luc: Click Here

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