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How To Be Active At Home

Original Air Date: April 29th 2020

We've been visiting so many virtual workshops and exercising daily on our Facebook page and we always get asked a familiar question: "How Can I be Active at Home". We decided to throw the question out to our WW Peeps and with their help came up with a list of various ways you can get active at home! Like this video? Share and Like it!

This video will explore the various ways that you can keep active while you are at home. Below is a rundown of everything we have found.

Regular Activity

  • Do some chores

    • Vacuuming

    • Cleaning windows

    • Clean out the garage/attic/closets

  • Dance!

    • Turn music on and dance like no one’s watching

  • Nintendo Wii

  • Twister!

Social Media

Follow us! WW Gays!

2 Daily workouts M-F

7AM High Intensity (Step, Aerobics, HIIT)

Noon Low Intensity

Abotti with Antonietta

2 Daily workouts M-F 10AM & 6:15PM


Kickboxing with Dela

Kangoo Jump Kicks




  • WW App

    • Aaptiv

    • Fit On (Free)

  • Les Mills on Demand (Free 30-day Trial from

  • Couch to 5K

  • Pelaton (Free 90-day Trial)

    • Not just biking!

  • Jefit

  • FitBod

  • Beach Body on Demand

  • Fitbit (Free 90-Day Trial)

  • Gaiam Yoga on Demand



  • Local gyms, fitness centres, community centres and YMCA!

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