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Have You Met? Arlene

Original Air Date: August 14th 2021

Join us for our latest interview with Arlene! WW member from Ottawa who has embraced her strengths to succeed on her wellness journey. Listen to her interview and be inspired by the valuable life lessons Arlene has learnt by embracing this journey and how the changes have not only impacted her health, but her life as a whole. Working on the 4 pillars of the program: Food, Activity, Mindset and Sleep and the secret Fifth pillar, Community. Arlene explains how the balance of all 5 is crucial to her success and could also be the key to unlocking your true potential.

Want to know more about Arlene? Shee will be our guest host on our beachside chat on August 22nd at 7PM ET! Subscribe to our newsletter at to get notified for this event!

Watch on YouTube:

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