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Get To Know The People Behind The Channel - Collaboration

Original Air Date: April 7th 2019

In this video, we were invited to participate in a “get to know the people behind the channel collaboration” organized by Barrett Pastor! Get to know a bit more about us and our journey on WW and don’t forget to check out all the channels participating in this collaboration by clicking the links below!

Thanks to all the awesome men and women who participated! Please check out everyone’s channels and make some new friends!

Living Life on Track

Journey to Healthy

Fit and Fabuless Mama

Active Rachel Anne

Simply Jeana

Angelica Dawn

Jenns WW Journey

Leesha Jay

N is For Nurse

Mels Weight Loss Journey

Holy Crap Im Fat

Living Large on Lifetime


Weight Watchers with Carrie

Louise Lane

Skinny Jeans 4 lifetime

Lighter Lisa Allison

Lets get fit with Sandy

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