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Spice it Up With Sandra: Finding My Confidence In My 40's

Hi I am Sandra, also known as Spicy Sandra, so great to see you here, a little about me. I made a bold move to the country last year, to Sutton Ontario. I just moved here last year after being in Markham for over 25 years. We decided to try out country life. Just loving it!

I am happily married to an Italian boy and have two incredible adult kids who have made me so proud as a mother. I have discovered my passion as a Confidence Coach, guiding busy entrepreneurs, business owners, authors and influencers to step into their power and stand out from the crowd through creating various video content. I am the creator of my own show Spice it up with Sandra! A weekly interview series “live” on facebook. I am an up and coming Co-Author, and speaker. My passion is giving back to charities such as Million Dollar Smiles. You may know this already having splashed this in the abotti community.

In my younger years I was pretty confident even though I had battled with my weight most of my life. I knew I loved fashion and I was determined to be bold in my clothing no matter what size. I guess when you are younger we feel more brave and as we grow up and really begin realising that we often care too much about what other’s think or we get bullied, the confidence begins to wear off. At least that is what happened to me.

I was so confident in my younger years, then people around me began having too many opinions and being bullied for my size was hurtful and frustrating and began to alter my ego. I carried on. I was also facing some trauma as my brother had all forms of epilepsy and this, I realized, had an effect on me later in life. I had suppressed these emotions of stress and the unknown of what could happen to him for so long. It showed up in emotional eating habits.

This carried through my young adult life, binge eating, yo yo dieting extremes. They say it really is through “life”experiences that we grow to learn from our mistakes, and battles. This is so true. I had an AHA moment later in my life. It wasn’t until my late 40’s I truly realized I had been suppressing these stressful emotions all this time. It was great to have discovered this. However at the same time there was anger in why it took so long to connect these dots. I am grateful I did.

I have worked through all of this with a growth mindset. I have really done the inner work necessary to come out of this, to finally have self acceptance and the feelings of worthiness I deserve. Having a growth mindset means you are open to learning and growing yourself, through self development practises. I hired a coach, I read alot of books, I surrounded myself with positive people, I created a sacred morning routine and I conquered becoming the best version of myself.

The key is this is an ever evolving journey. It does not have an end date where you become this confident, perfect person. It is a process of life and experience;s and the willingness to improve all the time. It’s all mindset with confidence being a muscle you need to strengthen and exercise frequently.

I am forever grateful for the lessons I have learned and I empower you to continue a journey of self discovery and self love.


Sandra Dido

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