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Spice if Up with Sandra: Do you Follow your Intuition?

Updated: May 24, 2022

For some reason I thought I couldn’t follow my intuition. I thought it was a gift you were born with. Having children definitely brought my attention to following my gut when they were ill, or something was not right. It is a self guided answer that comes to you when needed.

But does it always? This was the question I have had for years, I questioned experts, I read about it. I truly didn't understand it nor did I believe I could have my own intuition. When we are faced with an opportunity to grow, it’s natural and normal to feel hesitation and unsure. It’s telling the difference between being reactive to fear of the unknown or allowing yourself to walk through it and experience what’s meant to happen.

Often we hold ourselves back because we have doubt, we have fears, and uncertainty. Yes, that is your intuition speaking to you. However there are a couple of things I have learned. The TRUST we have with ourselves is what matters. Do we allow ourselves enough time to really listen and guide us in the right direction?

The other factor to consider that I have learned is to pay attention to the SIGNS in our bodies. If your body all of a sudden shuts down that is a sign of an intuitive decision not working for you. Allow your body to guide you into the flow of what is meant to be.

I do want to point out that we often hold ourselves back due to feeling fearful for approaching great opportunities that guide us to excel and step into our power of greatness.I am here to tell you to be more open to opportunity and face the fears!

Know the distinction between fear vs your intuition guiding you to move forward on the journey you meant to be on.

I have recently, since January 1st, 2022, began a daily meditation practice. I was one who resisted doing meditations as I could not sit still. However I discovered short 5-10 minute meditation videos on Youtube. I will attach a link here. This was the ultimate discovery for me and you know, I have been able to tap into my intuition more frequently with confirmation that I am going in the right direction for many aspects of my life. It has been life changing! I have missed a few days, however Monday to Friday AM I have committed to myself and I have been pleasantly surprised how much clearer my mind has been as a result. I encourage you to try it!

If there are still doubts that your intuition is not guiding you the way you’d like it too, stop all resistance. I was so resistant to tuning into my inner gut feelings, and when I decided to let go and really just allow myself to be guided everything just became easier for me. Ask yourself is your body contracting or opening up to allow the power of

intuition in?

Here is a few of the meditations I follow:

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