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CN Tower Climb Results!

Thank you to all our climbers who joined us on the CN Tower Climb on April 14th. Your work and determination made this the best climb we've ever completed! We hope to have you join us on the next climb and hopefully see some new joiners climb with the WW Gays!

Our team was able to raise $4,265 for the WWF, quite an amazing feat for our small but mighty team.  Below are some of the pictures from the event and results from each climber.


  • Nicolas Tremblay (14:31, 27th, raised $730)

  • Jean-Luc Pharand (17:07, 168th, raised $580)

  • Elisa Wilson (19:14, 454th, raised $365)

  • Andrea Luksts (20:44, 651th, raised $905)

  • Leslie Thomas (26:05, 1473rd, raised $150)

  • Kubra Aman (36:58, 2194th, raised $145)

  • Lindy Hillier (44:54, 2390th, raised $415)

  • Chantelle Stiff (45:27, 2395th, raised $120)

  • Shireen Whitmore (61:19, 2499th, raised $410)

  • Jenny Weir (78:05, 2525th, raised $245)

Special thanks to Lisa Raco for being our volunteer photographer/videographer for the day!

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