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All About The WW Cruise!

Original Air Date: August 4th 2019

In this video, we sit down a week after the cruise, to give you all a full run-down of the events, activity, food, workshops and more that occurred on the ship! We also reveal how well we did on our journey on this trip! Included are exclusive interviews with members of the US team (Sue and Jamie B), interviews with the UK team (Laura and Lona) as well as a group interview with German coaches (Michaela, Tim, Frank and Alex) as well as member giving their own review of their time on the cruise! The show concludes with a one-on-one interview with the GM and President of WW Canada, Kevin O'Brien, who reveals something coming to Canada in the near future! Hope you all enjoyed following our adventures and that you enjoy this in-depth deep dive into the world of WW Cruising! Are you interested in a future WW Cruise? Comment below and let us know because if our fans are interested, we may go again!

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